Wireless Data Transmission Function Mounted Portable Near-Infrared Tissue Oxygenation Monitor System

PocketNIRSWhat is near-infrared tissue oxygenation monitor system?PocketNIRS

As shown in the diagram, set a probe on the surface of a body and irradiate the near-infrared light of 3 different wavelengths. This device measures non-invasively the change of the oxygenation concentration within a biological tissue by detecting the attenuated light with a photo detector after the permeation and scatter of the light inside a body.

Features of Our Product

Real-time Measurement

Pressing the gStarth button begins the measurement by setting up optimum conditions automatically. The measured data is transmitted to a PC and the result is displayed on a real-time basis.
Shield of light might be needed for a real measurement.

Features of Our Product

Wireless Data Transmission by BluetoothTM
Measured data are transmitted to a PC by wireless technology and the dedicated software processes the analysis, display and record on a real-time basis.
Small Size and Light Weight (About 100g)
Small Size and Light Weight (About 100g)The small size and light weight are realized not to impose a burden on a subject.
Measurement in a field, measurement of a moving target, and measurement for long hours do not even impose a burden on a subject.
Flexible Probes
Flexible ProbesProbes are light-weight (20g) and built from flexible material. They can be placed on a curved surface, thus enabling us to measure on various shape.
Possible High Sampling Rate
It is possible to measure 60 times per second. It is also possible to capture the change of pulsation of arterial blood.
CW Measurement by 3-wavelength LEDs
The device utilizes a 3-wavelength LED light source. The source is feeble radiation safe to a body. Hemoglobin concentration is calculated by the algorithm of 3-wavelength arithmetic.
Simultaneous 2-channel Measurements
The change on 2 shapes (for example, right and left shapes) can be measured at one time by the 2 probes attached. During or after the measurement a comparison of the data on the 2 shapes can be made.
6-hour Continuous Measurement (2 AA-Sized Batteries for 2-channel Measurements)
Continuous 2-channel measurement is possible for 6 hours with 2 AAA-sized batteries.
Simple Operations and Real-time Measurement
When a gStarth button is depressed, the device sets up optimum conditions and starts the measurement.
Connection to External Devices
It is possible to transmit hemoglobin data serial communication and output analog signals (An optional device is necessary). It is also possible to input an event marker by a trigger signal (An optional device is necessary).

Technical Background

Near-infrared Spectroscopy

The near-infrared with the wavelengths of 700nm to 950nm comparatively well passes through biological tissues. The absorption coefficient of hemoglobin varies in the near-infrared area according to an oxygenationation condition.

By utilizing these properties, the method of measuring oxygenation condition of a brain or a muscle tissue and hemoglobin concentration non-invasively is called gnear-infrared spectroscopyh. This method is utilized in various fields.

This product is not a medical device. Please, use for research purposes.